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+ super IMPT follow up +

As promised, we've looked over what everyone had to say about the situation, and we've come to a decision. Entranceway will be moving to DreamWidth and it will become a community-based game.

Below the cut is the moving schedule, which starts officially on January 13th and ends on January 20th. This gives everyone plenty of time in the interim to set up character journals at DreamWidth and join the communities there. The mod journal at DW is here, if you want to check it out. The set-up is pretty much exactly the same as it is on LJ.

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We hope that everyone will join us in this move. As always, there is a Q&A thread on this entry for any questions.

There will be more information in the next couple of days about the donation drive for paid accounts at DW, so keep an eye out for that.
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+ super IMPT +

Hey guys! Now that I’ve survived the 35 hour travel day from hell (after kicking a copious amount of glorious ass at Worlds), all the mods are together again. Which means party time it’s time to get down to business.


This will be a discussion post with anonymous enabled (if you give us bullshit,* we’re at liberty to delete it), because we honestly want your opinions on the matter. However, before choices are made, please keep in mind a few very important things:

1) What is best for Entranceway? What actions do you think will have the least negative impact on the game as a whole?
2) What is best for you? Where will you feel most comfortable?
3) Don’t let emotions completely dictate your decisions.

I would like to further emphasize that last one. LJ’s been a completely bag of dicks recently, but we’re making long term decisions here. With long term decisions come long term impacts. Do you believe LJ will honestly continue pulling this bullshit in the future? The knee-jerk reaction for most of us is “YES! THOSE BASTARDS!” but try to develop your thoughts beyond that initial rush of feeling—try to articulate them. Furthermore, linked with the first item in the list above, keep in mind how you think this will impact Eway’s playerbase. Because, whatever you decide and whatever options you pull for, you’re making that decision for everyone, not just yourself. This includes people who may not be as active as you, or perhaps have never interacted with you on an OOC or IC level.

If you're not really sure how you feel about Dreamwidth versus Livejournal, here is a post comparing the two services specifically for RP purposes that might come in handy. And for those primarily concerned about whether they would need an invite code or not, we can obtain a promotional code for the purposes of moving over to Dreamwidth. However, just like we don't want to sway you towards staying on LJ, we don't want to sway you towards moving either. This is up to you guys, because without you, there is no Entranceway! We don't want to make a decision that our players aren't comfortable with, because then the game will die, and that's the last thing we want.

Also, THIS IS NOT A BINARY CHOICE. There are plenty of options to mitigate the harms of LJ’s new changes, either by staying or moving. Through about a five minute brainstorm session, we’ve come up with five:

1) We continue as we have, waiting for LJ to format an S2 style similar to the old LJ. Everyone in the game either makes their journals that customized layout or their own, like we have now.
2) We change Entranceway’s set up to be a community based game. Which means there’s a main community that everyone posts in, as opposed to journal posting and using your friend’s page. We then make the customized setting for this community a layout similar to the old LJ, or we use the S2 format LJ has told us they’ll make.
3) We move to Dreamwidth and become a community-based game there - it would be cleaner organization-wise for mirror events and things like that, DW's friending system is a little different, and an abrupt change in location might be a good opportunity for reformatting anyway.
4) We move to Dreamwidth and remain journal-based. So we basically remain exactly like we are now, but over at DW instead.
5) You tell us. There will be a section in the comments addressing options and potential ideas you guys might have.

A lot of what I’m saying here may seem like an attempt to deter a move, or perhaps influence your decision making process. However, that’s simply not the case. We merely want you guys to fully understand the control you have and the impact of your decisions. Your words decide the long term fate of this game. You guys got the power. Now use it.

EDIT: Because there were some concerns about this specifically, and because Koji is a loser who can't keep secrets, if we do decide to move to Dreamwidth, we will be running a paid account drive to help people who can't afford to buy paid accounts all over again. Again, this doesn't automatically mean we're going to move, but since the concern was raised, we're bringing it up now.

*Bullshit is defined as insulting material with little substantive value. It’s like pornography—we’ll know it when we see it.
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+ For the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home! - Ewaymas Part 3 +


All day and all night on Christmas eve, there will be a snow storm in Wonderland, much like the one that occurred during our last AC a few weeks ago, except it will be a bit rougher this time, and more blizzard-like. It's probably not wise to go outside in this weather, but conveniently, one of the rifts caused by Alice's Party is actually indoors, in the main foyer. Or you can venture out in the cold if you're feeling particularly stubborn. It's your call, really, but it's probably not the smartest thing for your health.

The storm will be gone on Christmas morning, and and mysteriously the rifts will have vanished as well. Everyone who was in a different world at the time will feel a tug, as if something is pulling them down, and then they will fall and fall until they eventually plop down in the snow outside the mansion. The mirrors will still be gone, but by the end of the day they will have been repaired and all of the Mirrors will return home, whether by choice or by catching a glimpse of their reflection in the newly repaired mirrors. They can spend Christmas Day with the Real Things! Isn't that nice?

All of the things people obtained from their worlds will be gone, returned home, but if anyone ventures out to the beach, they'll find the storm has left something behind for them. The blizzard washed up several personal artifacts from everyone's respective worlds. Everyone will be able to find one special something just for them out in the sand and snow of the shoreline. Being outside, there's no restrictions on the size of these, but your items might be a little sandy, or even partially buried.

And that's the end of the event, but it's not the last you'll hear of these little issues Wonderland is having. But hopefully you'll just enjoy your gifts and not thing about it too hard just yet. The last day of the event ICly is Christmas, but feel free to keep backdating on the 26th and 27th as well, since 1) we're not expecting a huge amount of posts on Christmas Day and 2) LJ's been kind of weird during our event. 8| HOW DARE THEY?!

As usual, there will be a FAQ thread in this post and you're free to plot here. What's everyone getting? And of course, we hope everyone enjoys the event, and that everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! ♥

~ Koji
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+ State of the Entranceway Address - Regarding Release 88 +


The short answer is we're still talking about it as mods. Before I get into that though, let me outline exactly what's going on for those who haven't gotten many of the details.

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So, what does this mean for Entranceway? Well, the mod team is still discussing our options, and the pros and cons of moving versus staying. We want to make two things very clear though:

1) We are NOT making major changes to the game without talking to our players first. You guys are important to us, and we're not going to do anything that the majority of our players don't want to do as well. We're not going to suddenly force any changes on you abruptly. We just want to come to a solution that works best for everyone. If we do decide to even propose major changes to the game there will be a post first to gather player opinions. And unlike LJ, we will actually listen to you and make the call based on what our players actually want.

2) We are NOT going be addressing the possibility of changes to Entranceway until after JANUARY 5TH. Why January 5th? We want everyone to try and participate in Ewaymas and have as much fun as possible. ♥ Then, Linda will be running off to the Philippines, and she won't be returning until the 5th. We're not going to make this decision without her either, so it will have to wait until she's done crushing the world in debate tournaments. Also, everyone is angry and making a decision like this while we're all furious at Livejournal is a terrible idea. As awful as they've been, we need to give them a fair chance to come through and change things.

So, there you have it. We just wanted to let you know that yes, we're working on it, and we should have more concrete information for you after the new year. If you have any questions for us, you can ask them in this post, and we'll try our best to answer them for you.

~ Koji, Kristen, and Linda.
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+ No matter how far away you roam - EWAYMAS PART 2 +

Hey guys! Hopefully everyone's enjoying the event so far. As promised, here's part two of the event!

Some of you might have noticed that Alice is out and about (which makes sense, since Mirror Side seems to be missing at the moment.) As Queen, she is obligated to try and fix all of this; however, she has no idea how she should go about it. She doesn't really understand why anyone would want to go anywhere else really, when Wonderland is such a fine home.

In response, the Mansion will become...homier, starting today. Suddenly, everything about the Mansion is just warmer and more inviting. Little things will remind everyone of home. Their room might smell like pine if they lived near a forest, or salt if they were by the sea, for example. For once, the mansion will have picture frames in its halls, and in those frames are pictures of everyone who is and has even been in Wonderland. Some will be posed for (in groups or solo), others will be candid shots of people together. No one will remember having taken any of these pictures, but amazingly enough they won't be anything embarrassing. They're just reminders of happy times, and friends who have come and gone, just like photographs in a normal home. The kitchen will smell like it's getting ready to bake for Christmas. Just little things here and there to make everyone feel more at home. Why would you want to go home where it's cold and lonely when you have Wonderland here? Would you like some cocoa? It can get that for you. Or maybe some cookies? Maybe soup like mom used to make it? It will be trying very, very hard to please.

Alice's biggest effort is going to be a Christmas Party. Surely everyone will want to come home if there's a party going on! Everyone (including the Mirrors) will find invitations slipped under their doors tonight written in blue crayon, informing them they are all cordially invited to a Christmas Party on Wednesday Night at 6PM. There will be a log for it, and even though it's all set on Wednesday night, it will go up earlier in the day and everyone is welcome to backtag it as well. There will be more details about the party itself (and then event as well) when the log goes up, so watch for that!

The final part of the event is going to go up on Thursday or Friday night. There will be a FAQ thread in this post as well, and you're welcome to use it for planning if you'd like. Have fun! ♥

~ Koji
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+ Activity Check Results +

The activity check is now over. All characters on this list are welcome to re-apply to the game if they choose, and if they re-apply within one month, they may keep their memories.

Please go to the admin console and copy and paste this list there.

If there is anyone who is on this list in error, please let one of us know right away. Our AIM screennames are on entranceway's main page or you can PM this account.
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+ The greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst. +

So, as the Dormouse just said, we have an event this week! We're running it a tiny bit earlier than usual too, so we can have time for ~*CHRISTMAS*~.

As per usual though, here's the plot post! Who's going to be a jock? Who's going to be a loser? Who's slushie-ing who? Which teenagers are going to band together and toss which loser adults in a dumpster? Have fun with it! Obligatory mention though, that there is no godmodding. Don't just assume you can terrorize someone's character - ask first. C'mon, don't be that guy.

That's about it! But also as usual, there will be a FAQ thread for you to ask any and all questions. ♥

~ Koji
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